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UC tuition hikes? First justify your administrative bloat

January 6, 2017

The leaders of the University of California system — unsatisfied with funding provided by Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature and interested in ambitious new initiatives — are seeking significant tuition hikes.

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Debate underway on CSU & UC tuition increase proposals; students protesting

Early skirmishes have begun already on tentative proposals to increase tuition at California’s two massive public university systems for the first time in six years.

Opinion Labor faces strong headwind from a Trump administration — and maybe that’s just the jolt workers need

The last year has been invigorating for part of the labor movement as the “Fight for $15” campaign progressed rapidly from pie in the sky to, in some places at least, reality, and federal labor protections were expanded.

Outsourced: In A Twist, Some San Francisco IT Jobs Are Moving To India

In San Francisco, companies will pay six-figure salaries to entry-level tech workers from all over the world. So this might come as a surprise: A public university there is laying off some of its own IT staff and sending their jobs to a contractor with headquarters in India.

University Of California Administrative Workers To Strike In January

BERKELEY (CBS SF) – Administrative workers at the University of California will go on strike at all 10 UC campuses, five medical centers and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab next month, a union spokesman said Thursday.

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