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AFSCME 3299 Wins 15/hr for Contract Workers! Working In Shadows - How Outsourcing at the University of California Adds to the Ranks of California’s Working Poor AFSCME 3299 to UC:  Support Equal Pay for Equal Work and End Contracting Out! The UC Worker Newsletter Download Summaries of our New Patient Care and Service Contracts
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SB376 is cost effective solution to UC contracting inequities (0)

When it comes to evaluating policy, sometimes it’s just better to have the facts. Case in point is Adam Summers recent column (Opinion, Oct. 4) attacking legislation that I authored, called Senate Bill 376.


UC and the new economic paradigm (0)

At the heart of America’s recurring problems with poverty, income inequality and race lies a major shift in how our economy is structured. Since 2009, so called “temporary” jobs (also known as “contingent” or “subcontracted” jobs) have grown at nine times the rate of traditional, career employment.

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RELEASE: New Research Says UC Growing Ranks of California’s Working Poor (0)

The University of California’s continued reliance on private contractors is driving a growing number of UC workers—primarily immigrants and people of color—into poverty, according to new research by AFSCME Local 3299, the UC system’s largest employee union.

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